REVIEW: Eskinol Micellar Water, Which one is for you?

Many friends message me about this new product from Eskinol. So I instantly look for it on social media. And luckily it's in my mail. I know this product was recently launched this February. I am talking about the Newest Product from Eskinol-- it's their Micellar Water.  I don't usually use micellar before. It's just that I am no [...]

FOREO BEAR REVIEW | The new anti-ageing microcurrent device from FOREO Sweden

My honest advice for you ladies is:DON'T BUY THIS BEAR by FOREO YOU’LL GET ADDICTED TO IT 😍😍😍I swear ever since FOREO gave this product, I use it 5 times a week and it felt really, really good. Know more about this Bear below. BEAR by FOREO Sweden is one of the most awaited product [...]


I had a chance to enjoy the UFO by Foreo Sweden this pandemic. And it made me realize how important skin treatment is. Not only what you put in your face but how to maintain that flawless -looking skin. Since this is my first time knowing this product , let me share what I know [...]

Infracyte Product Review! Cyto Clean and High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10%

You will wake up with youthful glow and will look into the mirror "Girl! you really do woke up like this,do you?" I feel like I'm in my youth age, my skin is so soft and dewy ..  Over all I will continue using this as my one of my Beauty Rituals at night  🙂